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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you launching these awards now? 

Because the field of coffee design has never been more vibrant and meaningful. We're at an all-time high for readership and interest in our Coffee Design series, a benchmark feature series published on Sprudge since 2010, and we want to do even more to platform and honor the extraordinary work we see in the field of coffee design every day.

How will semi-finalists, finalists, and winners be determined? 

Worldwide public entry is open through October 19th. Once this period closes, up to 20 semi-finalists will be selected in each category. These semi-finalists will then enter into a public vote via the Sprudge website. The top 5 from each category are then selected as Finalists. 5 Finalists in each category will again go through a second public vote to determine the winner.

Can my company enter multiple designs, or in multiple categories? 

Yes, there is no limit to how many times a company or individual can enter the Sprudge Design Awards. A single project - or line of products (for example, a project involving a new line of whole bean bags—counts as one submission.)

A new line of ceramic mugs, cups, and saucers = one project/submission

New bags of whole bean coffee in different colors = one project/submission

What benefits do entrants in this competition receive? 

Semi-finalists receive promotions, digital awards, promotional tools, placement in our digital gallery, and Sprudge features across our website and social media network, as well as access to printed promotional materials for use in-store or on coffee bags. Finalists receive additional promotions, digital awards, and coverage. Winners receive coveted trophies for display, spotlight features, and ongoing promotion throughout the life of the Awards.

Why is there an entry fee? 

Due to demand, administrative costs, and in keeping with best practices across awards platforms in both the coffee and design industries, an entry fee is required for the Sprudge Design Awards. Submission fees are waived for the Outstanding Design In Support of a Social Impact Campaign.

How are these awards different from the Sprudgie Awards? 

Sometimes called "the Oscars of Coffee", the Sprudgie Awards are an annual awards initiative we've produced since 2009, honoring the best in coffee across a broad spectrum of platforms. The Sprudgie Awards will continue in 2023 and beyond.

The Sprudge Design Awards is focused specifically on design, consumable art, coffee packaging, and branding, offering the ability to go deeper on these meaningful works and honor more outstanding work in the field of coffee design.

How can I sponsor or support the Sprudge Design Awards? 

We would be thrilled to have your support as a sponsor the Sprudge Design Awards. Please contact us directly to learn more via email at

Will you do this every year? 

Yes, the Sprudge Design Awards is a new annual initiative on the Sprudge Media Network, held each autumn.

Who is eligible for the Sprudge Design Awards? 

Illustrators, artists, design teams, design firms, independent collaborators, in-house creators, or anyone else working in the visual medium of coffee design is eligible for the Sprudge Design Awards. Please refer to our entry categories to learn more about where your work might best fit.